Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My New Cruiser

Yea for Me! I've been kind of wanting a bike for a while now but just couldn't decide what kind to get. every spring I think of how fun it would be to have one so that I could go out and enjoy the nice weather before it got hot. Now that I am doing this Iron Week and wanted to get some of the biking done outside the gym, I started looking around at beach cruisers.

They are crazy expensive here. I went to just about every bike store in Bakersfield and for what I wanted, which was a 3 speed cruiser, they wanted like 550 bucks! And there was no way that I could justify that much money for a bike. So I decided I wanted a beach cruiser for my mothers day present. My friend was going to get one for her and one for her husband. So we started looking online and found that they were half the price or more than they were here. So we made a trip out of it and last Saturday we went down to LA and picked up 3 beach cruisers and all together they cost us about $600. FOR 3!

Before we picked up the bikes we visited the Garment/Fabric/craft/flower District. That was fun! And let me tell you. Just as one store owner put it, just after we were privileged to witness road rage, This is LA. Not Beverly Hills, or Hollywood, this is LA! So true. One wrong turn and we were walking down a street filled with makeshift tents people lived in and vomit and the smell. So sad for those people, so glad it was the middle of the day and not the night, but like I told my friend, Just keep walking, and breath through your mouth! Other than that...

It was fun though. There was SO much cheap fabric and So much else. Mostly blanket making fabric and home decor fabric. It was kind of fun to barter with the shop owners and see how low they would go. You would go to one place and they would say 15 a yard and you would leave and the next place would be 10 a yard and you would say how about 8 and they would say no and as you were leaving they would continue to drop their price.

One place tried to sell us a fabric for 10 and so we left and went to one next door and he told us 3! We were like Awesome, that guy just tried to charge us 10. Then he was like oh... then 9. And we laughed and said too late now.

These are of the Flower district.

More Flowers

So there was lots of fun to be had and we only covered about half of it. Next time we will go with a plan and conquer it all! After all this we went and picked up our bikes.
Here is my friend on hers.

And here is mine!

Its so fun! So far it has about 30 miles on it. :)


grandmawhitehouse said...
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grandmawhitehouse said...

Love your cruiser. I wish I had one to ride to Sara's and back.

Danial123 said...

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aabner58 said...

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